Elections.. Going the way of the Easter Bunny..

   Does anyone else fear where we are going as a society?  Upon watching the American Presidential Debate the other night, I was left with the same feeling I used to get when I watched that dreadful “Big Brother” show or “Survivor”.  I half expected to see that the ‘Executive Producer’ was Nigel Bennett or Simon Fuller..  The only one that DIDN’T seem like a groomed,grinning shiny idiot was Ron Paul.  According to popular opinion, he is the most popular candidate which means.. he probably won’t win.  There was already one issue with a “re-count” in Iowa which gave Santorum a slight edge. I read that instead of going to retrieve the alleged “missing ballots” they instead, got together as gentlemen and estimated.. Estimated!! WTF?   Here’s a link to one of the many articles that speculate as to what happened to the ballots and whether or not this is yet another of the US’s long history of falsifying election results?  http://www.infowars.com/media-cover-up-ron-pauls-standing-not-discussed-in-iowa-vote-reshuffle/ Like all the computer polling station malfunctions that left predominantly black neighborhoods essentially “blacked out” of the 2008 Presidential election.  Or better yet, had notable innocent people conveniently confused with the identities of convicts and left them unable to vote.

I used to believe in our government and the electoral process.  I’d get excited to vote and hold election parties in my cramped one bedroom apartment, proudly cheering each time the NDP snagged another seat.  I canvassed, for NDP MLAs, took part in counting ballots in a neighboring riding.  I intently listened to the inspirational moving and smart speeches of people like Audrey McLaughlin, Alexa McDonough (whom I got the amazing and fortunate opportunity to sit down one on one with for an “A+” ranking paper in my senior Economics class.  Later on, we were lucky enough to follow the career and listen intently to the powerful and ‘to the point’ deliverance of the late great Jack Layton.  He could command an audience and fire up the bellies of anyone who heard him speak.  Sadly, I’ve lost my passion for politics and I’m not even ashamed to say I don’t even vote anymore.  It seems like a waste of time and simply of waste of hope.  We all know deep down, that the winners are already chosen prior to us casting our (often misplaced or voided) ballots.  I watch debates now and honestly, it’s like watching a slightly more educated ‘Jerry Springer’ only everyone has white veneers and suits hand stitched by little Guatemalan children..  You hear who’s sleeping with what business of whose interest (which is your proverbial Trailer Park).  The ads that are bought and paid for by the Trailer Park’s owners simply poke, point the finger and tear down the opposition.  I wonder if these guys go home to a hot bath, a tub of ice cream and burn up the mobile towers complaining to their girlfriends after.  Or they’ll throw in a last-minute ‘shit pie’ like Perry dropping out and supporting the bloated hypocrite Newt Gingrich.  This guy is a piece of work alright.  His wife is battling cancer and he tells her he’s leaving her so he can have a hot new lady on his arm, this looks so much better to the public after all.. Who does he think he is?  Donald Trump?  And let’s face it Don, you’re rude, crass and kind of an idiot with horrible hair, ya know the ladies aren’t following around your magnetic personality.. Apparently Gingrich had previously asked to have an “open marriage” with his ex-wife.. Open?  I have a hard time believing that he can still get “ass” let alone have to divide it between 2 women.. Yeesh.. I realize I am Canadian and American Politics “Doesn’t affect” us according to most people you ask but I say nay.  It DOES impact our life.  It impacts our future globally, economically and even culturally.  Most nations can feel and see the affect American culture has on the rest of the world.  They’re “role models’ for us.  Whatever happens there, will happen here.  I believe we are heading in to a dangerous time to be opinionated but I simply cannot sit idly by and not offer my two cents.  If the election goes how most of us know it will go, we’ll be looking at a possible “open trade” system with the US and Mexico.. We all know the violence and state of Mexico, the violence and State of the US.. do you really think we’re safe?

I keep track of what’s going on but honestly, I think it’s futile.  I think the best we can do is come together in our communities and support one another locally.  It won’t hurt either to start (if you haven’t already) storing non perishable items, toilet paper, tampons for the ladies, dog food, vitamins, water purification tablets, candles, flashlights, crank radios and matches etc.  There are many survivalist websites out there to help you prepare in case of an emergency in the near future.  No I don’t mean Dec 21 2012 in the sense you may think but I AM keeping my ears and eyes open for anything that might provide an “opportunity” to cause National States of Emergencies and the rounding up of citizens.  Be prepared, try not to focus on the frightful aspects of the near future but what you can do to be prepared physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.

I am including a few websites of interest that include alternate media and survivalist information..









In addition to these websites there are also many alternative news groups on Twitter, like “Breaking News” Drudge, Infowars, Wiki leaks are also some of the other feeds I follow.

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously



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2 Responses to Elections.. Going the way of the Easter Bunny..

  1. I try to pinpoint the moment when this crazy place with these crazy people (me, included) totally jumped off the cliff to the land of no return in this sometimes sick and rarely funny cartoon life in this modern world has become.
    I realise this was probably before I was born. You are lucky to be Canadian. You are wise to watch out for us Americans. We can be entertaining but dangerous. Great post.

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