2 Suns and Beyond..

     I’ve had trouble writing as of late.  I’ve had so many things running around in my head.  Almost information overload if you will.  You see, in addition to being a mediocre painter, media snob and dog lover, I am in addition, a news junkie.  Now I don’t watch CNN, MSNBC or FOX, or any other mainstream media for that matter.  The reason being, if you trace back to the corporate sponsorship, shareholders and CEO histories, you will see that they all belong to a very small, powerful collective of wealthy business people, International political figures and royalty and bloodlines and secret societies that can be traced as far back to Biblical times.  The best news, the ONLY news that can still be classified as “News” can now only be found in the alternative media.  This is where you will find the meat of what’s actually happening in the world.  You do have to be discerning though.  There are a lot of crack pots out there and disinformation propaganda that flood the internet news outlets.  Go with your gut I say.  There have been plenty of stories I have read over the years that left me with a “wtf? Where’s your proof?” taste in my mouth but the point is to keep searching until you find something that just clicks.  It’s a reliable source with valid credentials with lots of evidence and research to back their conclusions.  After all, ALL science began as a theory that was eventually researched and proven to be true. And for the record, most activities involving governments and big corporations do indeed turn out more often than not, to BE conspiracies.  The word “conspiracy” simply refers to the mere act of two or more individuals conspiring together.  According to Webster’s anyway.  We all know how departmentalized corporations are, well, that flows over in to our government as well.  It seems NO ONE knows what the hell the right hand is doing from the left.  To prove my point, try calling an automated IVR system for any customer service.  Once you get through, count how many times it takes to transfer you to the appropriate department or representative.  When you go to your doctor, have you been referred all over the place only to come full circle back to your family doctor that simply shrugs her shoulders and offers you a prescription, ironically, the same drug company that is labelled on the pen she is writing with.  What do you REALLY think is going on behind closed doors?  Are you familiar with the Bilderbergs and their annual secret meetings?  I suggest you get familiar with it.  The Bilderbergs consist of the a fore mentioned powerful elite of the world.  These are the policy makers and breakers.  These are the global trendsetters.  These are the group that in effect, dictate what Wars are fought, what leaders will fall and what leaders will take the “Fallen”‘s place.  You’d be surprised to learn who exactly is involved.  For shits and giggles, here is a list of the 2012 Bilderberg group attendees, see for yourself.


Want to see what kinds of things they discuss?  Here’s an example from Alex Jones’ InfoWars.com


     Besides the obvious global economic collapse and record amounts of corruption we are witnessing on a daily basis, there have also been other things on my mind.  Such as the levels of radiation that are flowing around the oceans and air that we breath.  The radiation levels in the UK are being recorded by independants as being as much as 60 times the safe amounts. I follow a few individuals on You Tube that regularly post videos showing their findings and what people are doing to try to stay safe.  I subscribe to RadLevelsEngland

For example, did you know that copius amount of simple baking soda can actually be used as decontaminate?  It’s actually what the military uses.  Many are suggesting we use it in everything we wash in.  Our clothes, our bodies, our hair and our pets.  For further information on radiation levels in your neck of the woods, I suggest subscribing to: ichicax4


or MsIdolatry


For up to date fallout forecasts for Canada, US, and Europe.  There are some really interesting people I am following currently on YouTube that break down the news and make very well researched videos explaining what’s missing in the news.  What we need to look for.  How to stay safe and recognize the things to avoid.  My current favorite You Tube Poster is “TheKnowledgeVault” or “SkyeDog”  This girl is so on the money and breaks it down and explains things in such a direct, easy to understand yet eloquently presented manner that I encourage you ALL to check out her videos.  Also, please don’t criticize her low voice on the videos, she has a roommate that complains and plays loud music all day so she can only do her videos late at night,  she frequently has to explain this but please, just give her a break and crank up your volume.  It’s well worth it!  Here’s just a sample of her videos, also, fyi- a little over a week ago- her account was hacked and all her info and videos deleted.  You can only ask yourself why that would be and why other You Tube Users and Bloggers are experiencing the same “shut the fuck up” rhetoric and treatments.


The other news sources that I follow and trust are as follows:






There are also a number of great sources on Twitter if you’re a Tweeter.  I like:

@UsRealityCheck; @TheHealthrebel for gmo and nutrition news; @IntelHub ; @Alt_NWO; @EndTheLiedotcom; @Democcracynow; @ENENews; @Fukushima_actu; @JapanTimes; @AboveTopSecret; @BreakingNews; etc  There are many others but if you’re really interested.. you will find them.

     We are really living in the age of information and research.  It’s just a shame that we are forced to do at length ourselves rather than rely on the media to represent a fair overview of any situation without being biased or throwing in their own two cents.  The only real journalists out there now are us, and our ability to research and share information is being seriously compromised by so called “hacker attacks” and proposed internet restriction bills.  It is this author’s opinion that “hack attacks” are government sponsored in order to further their own agendas of ultimately restricting our flow of information in order to control us more effectively and categorize us into little groups, some us will even be called “terrorists” for it.  Just ask yourself this.  “When did it become a crime to share a News story amongst fellow thinkers.  When did it become a crime in the US to congregate in peaceful bible study among fellow Christians?


When did we start turning into animals and attacking each other, acting like feral dogs?  The flesh eating bacteria that’s surfacing around the coastal areas?  I mean, we had 2 major tsunamis over the past three years- and that major fuck up by BP where they dumped gallons upon gallons of toxic crap in to our waters to “Clean it Up”, where did the bodies go?  Could they be, at this very minute, infecting our oceans?  Throwing off food chains?  Have you seen the record number of animal deaths?  There have been dolphins washing up on shores http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2140414/Hundreds-dead-pelicans-wash-Perus-beaches–weeks-600-dolphins-died-waters.html I mean could this also be a sign of an impending volcano eruption or is it a migratory issue due to the polar shift.  That’s right.  Research it.  We are experiencing a Magnetic polar shift which always goes hand in hand with a physical pole shift.. Dead birds falling from the skies? http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/01/02/dead-birds-fall-ark-sky/ look it up on You Tube as well.  Or how About the Chinese Red River, actually turning red? http://articles.cnn.com/2011-12-16/asia/world_asia_china-river-of-red_1_red-dye-xinhua-china?_s=PM:ASIA


     The truth of the matter is, is that something big is happening.  Last year I was witness to a vision of 2 suns in the sky and that set me off..  From there, I couldn’t stop reading.


    I urge you all to occasionally spend an hour or so online just catching up, being informed is far different from being afraid.  It is not my intention to “fear monger” but rather educate.  Take the time to learn some survival techniques, spend a few dollars on non perishables and clean water instead of the next gadget that Sony or Apple comes out with.  We need to revert back to “community thinking” rather than the now and immediate personal interests and gains of the few.  It’s taken me some time to finally put this into an article because honestly, I find myself at a loss for words most of the time.  It saddens me to see our world falling apart and that most people can’t get their heads out of the sports, menial tasks, and distractions that are constantly bombarding us.  It is simply my hope that we can survive, and thrive and that the evils in the world receive justice for their crimes.  Please stay safe and love one another.


Live Humbly, Live Graciously, Be Charitable  Image



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3 Responses to 2 Suns and Beyond..

  1. Jared says:

    Good call. I’ve been working on a series about this, but I’m reluctant to post any of it for fear of being labeled a freaking terrorist by our government, or a nut case by our peers.

    Nice work.

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