Slaughtering the Lambs


 Upon waking up today and checking my Twitter feed, I came across the news of the day.  28 people shot and killed in a Newtown CT elementary school, twenty of which children.  Sadly, this wasn’t an isolated instance of violence in our recent history.  I decided to read just how many in recent years.  I found several other instances.

The first of which I remember happened in 1984 in California.  A 41 yr old man named James Huberty opened fire at a local McDonalds killing 21 people. Children and adults combined.  He was killed at the scene by a police officer.

October 16, 1991 a 35 yr old man, George Hennard crashes his pick up through the wall of a local cafeteria at which point he opens fires inside killing 23 people before turning the gun on himself.

April 20, 1999, the Columbine shootings occurred in Littleton, Colorado.  We all remember the footage of the traumatized High School students and frantic parents on television; it was all over the news for a few days straight.  In that instance, 13 students and adults were killed and 23 wounded before the two students, Dylan Klebold, 17 and Eric Harris, 18 shot themselves.

April 16, 2007, at the Virginia Tech Campus in Blacksburg a 23 year old student named Seung-Hui Cho kills 23 people in two different locations and wounding an undetermined number of people.  He then kills himself.

April 3, 2009, in Binghamton NY a 41 year old man named Jiverly Wong opens fire at a immigrant community center killing 13 people, wounding 4 others before killing himself.

November 5, 2009 in Ft. Hood Texas, a military psychiatrist named Maj. Nidel Malik Hasan allegedly kills 13 people, injuring 32 and was then charged with 13 counts of murder, and 32 counts of attempted murder.  He is currently awaiting trial.

July 20, 2012, this past summer in Aurora Colorado, 25 year old James Holmes opens fire at the premiere of the Batman: Dark Night Rises.  He kills 12 people and wounds as many as 59 people according to varying reports.  He is currently in jail awaiting trial.

It’s at this point we start looking for answers and someone to blame.  Some people will cry for stricter gun control, but I don’t think this is the answer.  The real problem lies within the increasing desensitization of our world, youth in particular.  It isn’t guns but the injustices that people are facing that cause them to react openly with violence.  It’s a lack of kindness, compassion and understanding.  Being deprived of these basic human needs in a world too distracted by gadgets, gizmos and gossip is the reason things like this are happening today.  We need to take responsibility for our lack of responsibility.  Some people are in very serious need of counselling or guiding yet often, no one speaks up or intervenes.  We are bombarding today’s youth with copious amounts of gratuitous gore, blood and violence, perhaps we need to rethink our definitions of “Entertainment”.

How did we reach this stage?  I feel like we’ve moved too far away from our spirit.  People are meant for so much more than what society, politics and banking systems permit.  We’re all forced to be so caught up in the rat race that we don’t have the time to even be human.  This act is essentially reprogramming our brains and removing our sense of compassion, sensitivity awareness of others.

People, including children are being murdered on a daily basis in some countries.  The untimely death of anyone, particularly a child is always heartbreaking, but taking guns away from the public (Or, more to the point, trying to) will start another civil war.  This is why the Second Amendment was added to the constitution, to prevent tyranny, to defend one’s self, family and property.  Honestly, if want to see less violence in the world, we have to stop propagating violence in all its glory.

We need to be the change we want to see~ Gandhi.

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


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5 Responses to Slaughtering the Lambs

  1. You are so right…it is so beyond guns…

  2. Thanks Lady.. it’s a shame. Damn shame..

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