Dangerous Drugs: Part 2


     Over the last few years, increasingly acts of random violence have been on the up rise.  One major factor in common- everyone is taking psychotropic drugs in some form or another.  These are mind altering drugs based on a pseudo science revolving around serotonin levels.  Let’s take a look at this theory and the doctors prescribing these perilous drugs.

            Psychiatry was born as the bastard child of medicine & exorcisms.  Historically speaking, the field did not maintain much respect among peers in medicine.  It had been largely utilized for locking away the insane.  It did give birth to such “modern” thinkers like Sigmund Freud who was seemingly obsessed with his penis, your penis and your dog’s penis has proven to be exceptionally helpful to young men who subconsciously wish to have sex with their moms.  It wasn’t until they were permitted to prescribe medicines that Image  they gained any credibility in the field of science at all.  

            What is mental illness?  Who decides it?  Well, there is a group, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and they have compiled the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM for short.  It was originally set up primarily for the institutions for the insane in 1917 and consisted of 22 diagnoses.  There have been several revisions and it’s now estimated to have approximately 374 psychological diagnoses of mental disorders and intellectual disabilities now.  That’s a lot of diagnoses. Traditionally, a patient was seen by the family doctor, then maybe a counselor or psychologist before being diagnosed.  Presently, patients are being diagnosed with a simple 10 minute visit to the family doctor.  The doctor provides the patient with samples (they get lots from the drug companies) and says to go home and come back in two weeks reporting how they feel.  There is no in depth study done of a patient’s medical history, there are no “clinical tests” to conclude that one may suffer from this alleged “chemical imbalance” in fact, it might even surprise you to know that no such test even exists.  The whole science is junk.  There are NO studies to even show that the drugs work any better than a placebo, if your doctor says there are, ask where you can find them, I guarantee you they won’t know.  You think these drugs are safe simply because they are available?  Did you know that most of the members of the advisory positions with the FDA are floating between the FDA and jobs with the very pharmaceutical companies that are seeking approval?  The FDA is not there to protect us anymore.  It’s become corrupt like your government accepting large cash donations for licensing fees making them basically like the pharmaceutical mafia simply fast tracking drugs through the system for approval with no long term studies or often doctored studies for quicker approval


            In actuality, many mental disorders are caused by a more serious psychological problem or nutritionally related issue that can’t even be fixed with medication.  You might be interested to know we have something called Informed consent which is complete disclosure for what the medication is, what it does, how it affects your body, all the risks and benefits of traditional vs. alternative treatment in a fully accurate understanding between patient and doctor.  In Canada, that is now up to the pharmacists. You get your prescription, fill it at the drugstore and it is only THEN you see the full side effects and drug interactions and product information of the drug your trusted doctor has selected for you in one long several page print out which you know patients are reading thoroughly.  Most people don’t even read their phone bills.  It’s just another way of removing responsibility from the drug companies in this, our “pass the buck” society.  In the meantime, it’s affecting people in a largely negative way and it’s obviously affecting troubled youths suffering from a lack of acceptance and self esteem to the point where a massive act of violence seems to be the best course of action, that is, if they don’t commit suicide first.  Image

     Image  The truth is, psychotropic drugs industry are a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Doctors are irresponsibly being encouraged to push these drugs on to their patients; since 1997 after public advertising rules were relaxed, they were free to tell us to ask our doctor about anything they thought marketable.

When are we going to realize this and start seeing it being discussed by those who can actually make a change?  Right now, all we can do is to educate ourselves and each other the best we can.  We need support each other more, these drugs are just NOT the answer.

            Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,





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