Chansons by Jill Barber: A Music Review by Sparky


I purchased the new album, Chansons by the extraordinarily lovely, Jill Barber on I Tunes recently ($9.99) and I absolutely love it!  I recently had the pleasure of a front row seat to her show in Halifax and she was phenomenal as was expected.  I figured today would be the perfect day to post a review of her new album being as it’s quite possibly the most romantic album ever. First, let me start off by saying if you’re looking for a hot new dance album by a female artist that sounds the same as every other artist today, then this is NOT the album or artist for you.

If you have never had the delightful experience of listening to this Cute Canadian Crooner, I urge you to go to your I Tunes and download For All Time, Chances, and Mischievous Moon immediately.  Then, purchase Chansons even if you’re English speaking, like me, once you hear her other albums you will simply HAVE to have it for your collection. I’m speaking from experience.  Chansons is Jill Barber’s first venture in to a fully French album.  She chose from a list of over 30 classic Parisian and Quebecois tunes narrowing it down to 12 adding her own uniquely feminine sultry jazz sound that is simply like velvet for your ears.  I myself, am not an overly feminine gal- only painting my toe nails in the summers to give my feet a less “manly” appearance during flip flop weather, but I’ll tell you, I put this album on and suddenly I feel beautiful, sexy, like I’m wearing a long flowing dress with big earrings as I dance light heartedly (or heavy heartedly, depending on the track you choose) down a cobblestone street in Paris.  Her French is flawless, having spent the time producing this album perfecting her impeccable pronunciation in Paris.  Barber’s voice brings you back to another time in history. A time where things like love and romance were still high on people’s list of priorities before we got bogged down with the tedium that is our current daily life.   No other artist, with the exception of the late great Patsy Cline, has had this effect on me.  Her voice was simply BORN to sing music in French, English, Spanish, and German, frankly I’d buy an album by Jill if it was in gibberish-she’s THAT good!

With tunes like the haunting first track, Petite Fleur the superbly moving Melancholie and Sous Le Ciel De Paris which I got to see her perform in person, the only other thing you need for a epically  romantic Valentine’s Day night with your honey is a nice bottle of Merlot and a couple of candles.

If you are Canadian (again-like me) it’s almost your duty to buy this album.  Here are five other good reasons to purchase this album:

  1. It’s good for Valentine’s Day and ANY other romantic occasion that may occur in your life.
  2. Jill Barber’s voice is like heavenly angels from above with chubby cheeks, farting hearts and rainbows of sugary candy.
  3. Your significant other will think you are super classy.  Maybe too classy, so just start with a couple of songs at first.
  4. Also great to accompany; housework, bubble baths, cooking, curling up by the fire and backyard dinner parties.  Nice ones though, not the crazy paper plates and hot dogs all “Honey Boo-Boo” style.  For that, look up Country.
  5. You’d be supporting a Canadian treasure like Jill Barber.


Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Be In Love,


For Your Listening and Viewing Pleasure:


CBC Review ~ (incl YouTube clip of “Quand Les Hommes Vivront D’amour”)

Click {View in ITunes to purchase}


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