Things I’ve Learned from Doctor Who


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     I really started watching the series when it began again in 2005.  I became quickly enamored with the show.  The witty banters, the quick humor, the physical comedy, brilliantly imaginative story lines and great characters sucked me like a black hole.  I am now a huge fan of the show and even use the theme song as my ringtone. These are just a few quick morals I’ve pulled from the show and how they may relate to us- non-Time Lord boring old mortals.


Loyalty~ When someone is willing to travel halfway across the galaxy and back placing their complete trust in you; you show some respect.

Trust~ Trust is key when traveling.  You may never know when you’ll find yourself falling in the skies of London during the Blitzkrieg wearing a Union Jack shirt.  You may need the assistance of a handsome stranger and his handy tractor beam.


Sonic Screwdriver

Always Carry 1 Multi Purpose Tool~ We all can’t be blessed with a Sonic Screwdriver so in its absence, a Swiss Army knife will probably do.


The Ood

Tolerance~ When you meet new creatures, er, I mean, people, have an open minded and treat them kindly and with respect.  They just may be like the Ood, being helpful and subservient at first prior to becoming hostile to the human race.  Also, a further lesson from the Ood: Just because someone cannot speak verbally, does not mean they have nothing to communicate.

Violence Only Begets Violence~ Always begin with reasonable conversation before any pretense of violence.  If you fire first, you’ll lose your ship.  However if you communicate using a series of witty banter, quick movements and a high level of confidence, people will  ultimately trust you and become your lifelong friend and that can only be a good thing especially during a galactic crisis.



Matt Smith Doctor # 11

Bow Ties Are Cool~ If you’re handsome, lanky AND quirky.. You can totally pull off a bow tie AND make it sexy!  Our 11th Doctor has proven to us and to the world that bow ties are NOT just for Pee Wee Herman and High School Math teachers anymore.


Tom Baker 4th Dr

Dress For How You Feel~ As sometimes, you just may not feel like yourself.  Some days, you could look COMPLETELY different than you did just a few months ago.  It is therefore crucial to have the proper wardrobe to project how you really feel inside.  Some days you may need a trench coat, some days; it might be a brightly colored scarf or unique hat, possibly a leather jacket.  It’s all about whom you see staring back at you in the mirror in the morning.


The Many Faces of The Doctor

The Importance of Companionship~ It doesn’t matter where you live or where you travel or even how much space you have to roam, if you don’t have someone to share it with, it can be pretty meaningless and lonely.  What’s the point of having limitless boundaries if you can’t take your best friend back in time to meet their favorite artist?  Or take friends to Venice where they can run from a coven of sea creature/vampires. It’d be pretty boring without someone to scream and run with.


Amy Pond & The Doctor

You Can’t Change History~ Things happen for a reason.  Every occurrence has wrapped up inside it- a justification behind the event.  In other words, just because you may be able to go back in time and change past behaviors, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  Actions have consequences for everything that happens and it often teaches us a new lesson about ourselves.


Oh No! Not the Daleks!

Maintain Worthy Opponents~ Nothing keeps you on your toes more than a worthy opponent. It’s perfectly healthy to have someone that pops up every so often, just in time to cause total havoc on your life.  With the arrival of said opponent not only do you realize your strengths and work on new ones but your self esteem with increase with each passing defeat.  It can also bring out a “team spirit” of sorts amongst your crew and/or posse.



Nothing good ever comes from technology~ When you’re seeing what you may perceive to be long passed loved ones in actuality may be that race of annoying Cybermen interfering with our magnetic fields and satellites as they so often do, you realize, that technology, is just not all what it’s cracked up to be.  At any given moment it can turn on you.  You may even find yourself competing in a real world version of Big Brother or being inhumanely hooked up via your brain to a giant supercomputer.  I’m just saying, be careful out there and be forewarned.  The evil robots are indeed coming.

If you have a great idea, it can become legendary~ I bet when Sydney Newman, C E Webber and Donald Wilson originally created the story based on the adventures of a human like alien Time Lord travelling through space and time in a blue police box with a variety of different companions back in 1963, I guaranteed they never guessed we’d still be geeking out to it 50 years later! It’s been consistently an entertaining show with terrific writing and memorable characters. It’s my second favorite TV show, second only to Coronation Street and I eagerly await the Doctor’s return in April!

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