The Crimes of Gail Benoit

I originally published this article on my Blog- The Canine Companion but seeing how as Animal Welfare is a big concern of mine, I really wanted to cross post this article to increase awareness of these people. Please subscribe to both my blogs.

Buying a sick puppy that’s been taken away from its mother far too young to turn a quick profit is acceptable in Nova Scotia, even when it occurs time and time again.  At least that’s the message we are getting from the multiple offenses by Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey.  Despite receiving a charge of animal cruelty in 2009, they have still been permitted to operate their animal brokering business.  It’s estimated that the couple has dealt over 30 000 animals over a period of 16 years.  The obnoxiously vile Benoit has reported openly that she will not stop peddling puppies.


Gail Benoit 2013

This woman has recently been accused in the dog napping of 2 boxers.  After agreeing to board the dogs, she then sold them online.  The woman, Cassie Craft said she answered an ad online for boarding services and dropped the dogs off shortly after.  Craft later found out that Benoit had been convicted of animal abuse, and upon trying to contact Benoit, realized the phone had been disconnected.   Although the dogs have since returned it makes me wonder A) how she keeps pulling these stunts and B) who would leave their dogs with a complete stranger for months without doing some research?  How much of this is going blindly in front of us with other predators who view animals simply as commodities with no thought to the suffering it brings.  Many of Benoit’s animals are sick, taken away from their mothers far too young, or have been infected with the Parvo virus.  Despite her and her partner being charged with animal abuse in the past, and multiple complaints from owners who purchased her sick and dying animals (and most recently the boxer sale), the burden of proof is all on the prosecutor. The fact that she is asking the Court to lift the ban currently on her from selling dogs (despite reports of her still operating in Shelburne NS) because this is her livelihood is appalling.  If a doctor is charged with malpractice but needs to practice to pay his legal bills, that’s tough shit for that guy, the balls this woman has leads me to conclude that she has no conscience what so ever and certainly doesn’t care about the welfare of the animals she carelessly whores out.  To me, this woman is wicked, evil and should be behind bars, ideally one where she would be thrown in to a pit of angry, hungry wolves.  Once could be a mistake, but your actions lady (and I use that term very begrudgingly) are one of a repeat offender and should result in jail time with the stipulation that under NO circumstances should you EVER be allowed to own or even be within a 100 yards of an animal.  You know what though?  That won’t happen.  Too many people turn a blind eye to the injustices of dogs in the province.  Even our own SPCA, which normally you would rely on in your community to provide a safe haven for abused and stray animals stopped providing services briefly over a lack of funding, which tells this animal lover that people simply don’t care.  This is a travesty; a real lack of morality is seething in to our communities where even something like a tiny helpless puppy has no voice or anyone to stand up for him.


Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey

I have a friend and fellow dog lover who actually purchased one of her mini dachshunds a few years ago.  (She is seen in one of the below clips) She hadn’t had a mini dachshund before and although her tiny size alarmed her, she thought that was normal for maybe a runt, like she had been assured by Benoit. My friend hadn’t had the puppy a whole day (10 hours to be exact) before finding her dead where she had thought was sleeping.  This traumatized my friend, as it would me and I can’t imagine the heartbreak she felt.  I fell in love with my dogs before I had even held them, and holding them once had me hooked.  In Esther’s experience, a couple of local breeders had offered her dogs which she in turn paid it forward to us when she had an unexpected litter of 6 a few years later.  She simply wanted her dogs to go to good homes.  A good breeder wants the best for their dogs.  This is the way it is supposed to be.


The Charming Gail Benoit


‘Thug’ Gail Benoit

Recently, another friend of mine, the breeder of my other dog, Lucy had a run in with Benoit this past year.  They have a lovely black and tan Dachshund who is really a sweet dog but is a little aggressive with the other household dogs.  They had been reluctant to let her go seeing how as they love her and consider her part of their family, however they responded to a heartfelt ad on Kijiji by “an elderly woman” who had recently lost her little dog and was looking for another companion to fill her place.  They corresponded back and forth a little while, and when Sharon (the breeder) was comfortable, she agreed to let her take the dog to see how it worked out for her.  Within 24 hours, Sharon realized that the woman she had been corresponding with was actually Gail Benoit who used an alias (as she usually does) and possibly a fake voice over the phone.  Sharon immediately retrieved the dog with an accompanying ugly exchange between the two.  Now I know Sharon and how much she loves her dogs and I bet it took EVERY fiber of her being to not let loose and lay the smack down on Benoit.  She knew this was not the right way to go about things.  All violence and anger does is fuel the fire and perpetuate more ugliness.  The real action would be in the hands of the community.  We make sure this woman’s face is plastered EVERYWHERE.  This article has the ability to reach all over the country (world for that matter but let’s focus on this country) to ensure this woman never receives cash for another animal for the rest of her life.  People, do your research!   Find out where your dog is coming from, especially if you’re doing it privately and not adopting at your local shelter which more people should.  We need to take the power AWAY from predators like Benoit and Bailey by making their names, their crimes and images known nationwide.  If we all worked together and really paid attention to what’s going on around us we can reduce crimes like this.  Please share this article with everyone on your social networks.  Let’s give these animals some long overdue justice.

For more information and timeline on the Compiled Information on Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey click here:

You Tube Clip of Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey defending themselves/ (featuring my friend- Esther)

Another clip, a year later in 2009– for selling sick animals

Please, please educate yourselves.

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Speak for those who can’t,



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10 Responses to The Crimes of Gail Benoit

  1. Smash says:

    Great post, I’m glad that you’re getting the word out on this horrendous woman. This post has enlightened me, and hopefully many others as well.

    • Thank you! It’s interesting to note that this morning, Gail Beniot withdrew her plea to the Court to lift the ban on her selling puppies due to all the negative media publicity. 🙂 which is a start.

      • Smash says:

        Yeah, that is a start.
        It’s unfortunate that the internet is such a double-edged sword though. We have the ability to connect with others all over the world. We can develop friendships, start relationships, sell our old junk, promote our projects, educate ourselves, and so much more! And so many horrible people like Beniot use it to scam others, to hurt animals, and to profit from suffering.
        I’m glad you’re using the internet for good instead of evil. 🙂

  2. Food 4 The Soul 93 says:

    A really “charming” lady, huh! Sad…

    Good post, Sparkey!

  3. Tanya says:

    I echo the comments left by Skip and Smash…This woman and her ‘partner’ in crime have been the scourge of our fair province and she, as Sparky mentioned in her post, should NEVER be allowed to share oxygen with another dog, cat, tick, or cockroach for that matter! She should be ashamed of herself. There is a special hell for people like her!

  4. Tanya says:

    OH, Sparky…one thing I meant to mention to you. I called the SPCA to report someone for animal abuse awhile ago and it was after hours, so the “recording” stated to call the local police, which I did…they told me there was nothing they could do and to call the SPCA back in the morning. This person who I reported was seen by myself and 3 other co workers kicking a tiny kitten across the street and apparently this was not important enough for the Halifax police to do anything about. Shame on the HPD. I bet if it was one of they’re kittens, something would have been done about it.

  5. sunshine says:

    She’s dog stealing U G L Y PIG

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