To Inspire


To Inspire

Some people can go their entire lives wondering what their purpose in life really is.  We can’t all be world leaders, top surgeons or partners in a law firm.  Maybe you don’t have a glamorous job in life, maybe there are a lot of things you would like to change about yourself.  What if your purpose in life is to simply inspire others.  Many of us blog, and unless you’re one of the lucky ones to receive earnings from your blog, we aren’t doing it for profit.  So why do we do it?  What compels us to keep going?  I can’t speak for other bloggers of course, but personally, if I could just reach out to a couple of like minded people, have someone actually enjoy reading my words and inspire just one soul to come out of their shell or come out of the closet or gain the courage to chase their own dreams, then my work is done.  Essentially, I want to inspire.

I’ve looked back on many of my past relationships be it familial, romantic or simply friendships, but I’ve always tried to bring out the good in others.  I once had a reading done by psychic who said that I would be “a mother to many but not in the traditional sense”.  I finally understand what that means.  It means I have a nurturing personality.  There are many of us; you don’t have to be a Cancer to possess this trait.  I thought that meant I would have a lot of dogs or something but I think it means something else.  I find that people often turn to me when they are sad, need encouragement, need to talk and have someone actually listen, or due to my extensive background in illness, for medical advice.  I am by no means a doctor but I am well versed in western medicine.  I also studied Nutrition and Wellness so I get a lot of “nutritional healing” questions.  I realize that most of my friends are younger than I and I often have “sisterly” type connections with most of them.  I always wanted a sister growing up, instead I got 3 younger step brothers at the age of 13 lol. I love my brothers, who else would I engage in games of “Look!” at the dinner table or fake wrestling with, but I also enjoyed ‘Saved By the Bell’ which caused many a Saturday morning TV conflicts in my house.  It was those times I would think to myself, “If I had a sister, this would not be a problem.”  But as I blossomed in to an awkward teenager, I began friendships with a couple of girls and we were all like sisters and I was happy at last!

As an adult, my friendships are still like this.  I treat my friends like family, or at least I try.  I try to inspire and always be encouraging and/or helpful.  I’m not perfect of course, sometimes I’m ill and can’t physically be there but I’m always thinking about others in my heart.


Maybe this is my role.  Just to inspire others.  Inspire people to:

Keep going when it seems like there is no end to that long dark tunnel that you may find yourself in right now, because I can tell you, from experience, that things happen for a reason and perhaps you are simply meant to learn a particular life lesson from your despair.

Be kind to one another; you never know what kind of battle someone is fighting in their life.  Give someone the benefit of the doubt and don’t jump to conclusions.

No matter what your age, it’s never too soon or too late to pursue a dream.  If there is something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, stop putting it off and just do it.  Life can be very short and opportunities fewer, take advantage of life to its fullest.

Never regret, just learn from your mistakes.  We are bound to fail from time to time.  I bet you even Gordon Ramsay got a few egg shells in the bowl when he first started making omelets, but the point is to keep trying until you get it right.  I recently began reading a book called Convoluted Universe by a hypnotherapist specializing in Quantum Healing named Dolores Cannon (Visit her website here: who uses hypnosis and regression to find the stem of present day fears, illnesses, and phobias.  She has treated so many patients that she has been able to piece together large portions of early history.  She connects to what she refers to as the sub conscious only it’s a little different than what we traditionally think of as the sub conscious, but she believes (as I’ve heard from a few authors) that our purpose in life is to learn.  We are all here to learn an important lesson that we take back and report about on the other side.  Each of our lives has a particular theme to it.  If we try to falter from this path, life will find a way to bring you back, be it an event, the advice of a friend or someone who has inspired you to change.  There are hidden meanings in everything we experience in life, we have to experience pain, to experience joy, we have to lose before we can win and we have to experience illness, to experience health.  I believe in these words and I live by them.  I also highly recommend Cannon’s work which is available on Kindle.

I am only now beginning to learn what my purpose in life is.  I just want to help others.  Be an ear for frazzled friend, be someone others can lean on, spread the message of compassion and kindness and to inspire others to do the same.

I hope Dear Reader; I have inspired you somehow…

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,


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I'm a cheesy broad with a good sense of humor. I'm also a self professed geek, dog lover, Whovian and music snob. I have earned money by painting, I've worked in call centers, with dogs and in the fitness industry. I also write for Bubblews and I have 2 separate blogs on Blogger: "My Whovian Take" a blog dedicated to Doctor Who and "Life in Fog Goggles" a blog dedicated to daily life and living with Fibromyalgia and CFIDS. I will be featured in an upcoming Anthology for titled "The Horror Addict's Guide to Life" My interests range from Doctor Who, dogs, and Science Fiction to Zombies, Humor and Astronomy. Creativity is my passion.
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4 Responses to To Inspire

  1. Tanya says:

    You are the one I call when I need to talk and need someone to listen! You do inspire 🙂

  2. Well written and most importantly; from the heart. You sure have inspired me my friend, and others as well…thanks for that!

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