Gravity- A Film Review By Sparky


Gravity 2013

It’s been a fairly uneventful weekend.  My wife was away visiting friends and getting her party on, so I had my own friend over (and her dog) and we watched Doctor Who (naturally), then the Oscar nominated film, “Gravity” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  I had little to no expectations of this film seeing how as I usually go for the lower budget indie films and tend to avoid Hollywood as much as possible.  I find big Hollywood films often lack the illustrious dialogue and award winning acting that Indie films tend to have and often get watered down by promotions, effects and the overblown salaries of top notch Hollywood actors.  However, that being said, this film was phenomenal.  Often when I watch TV or movies, I usually have something going on the side such as a text conversation, a game on my phone or knitting; this time I had to put all that down just so that I could focus on the experience on screen.  The shots and the cinematography were phenomenal.  I eerily felt myself floating and spinning above Earth unable to control myself.  I felt the panic, I felt the fear of being disconnected and I felt the victory at the end.  I don’t want to give away too much about the film if you haven’t seen it yet, but Bullock surpasses ALL her other roles in this one particular film.  She has grown tremendously as an actress, moving far beyond the mindless romantic comedies that she is famous for.  I suspect this is the beginning of a new chapter in her career; she looks fierce with her strong short hair cut and her body is remarkable- if I may say.  Clooney was Clooney, he was a bit of comic relief as well as an unseen hero; sometimes when I watch Clooney act, I wonder where his character ends and the man begins.  With little to no characters in this film, it had the potential to be a yawn fest, but, like 2000’s ‘Cast Away starring the prodigious, Tom Hanks it became an electrifying piece of human triumph.  Even if you don’t typically reach for the Sci-Fi, I strongly urge you to check out this film.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end and I suspect it’ll be trapped in my mind forever.   Five stars for this one folks.

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