My Top 10 Favorite Comedy Moments


He needed more cowbell

I have been a comedy nerd since I was 13, when I first started staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live.  I’m a huge fan of stand up, sketch and GOOD sitcoms; I have a ton of respect for the truly gifted comedy writers out there.  I have compiled a list of some of my favorite comedy moments of all time.  Some may be more recent as they are fresher in my memory.

10.  Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa.  If you haven’t watched this ridiculous masterpiece of epic laugh proportions you simply must.  It’s filmed in the traditional “Jack Ass” style with a story line.  There is one scene in particular where Knoxville (Grandpa) is traveling with his 8 year old grandson, Billy; they stop in to a diner where they start goofing around.  This turns in to a farting contest between the two which results in a shit smeared wall and quick exit for the duo.  I laughed so hard at this part, my stomach hurt the next day, I cried, snorted and thoroughly enjoyed this comedy moment.

9.   “Ass Don’t Smell”- SNL commercial parody; this sketch was in the early 90’s and featured Kevin Nealon, Tim Meadows and Rob Schneider.  It was a commercial for a personal hygiene spray. It features Nealon as the smelly friend/co worker who discovers the secret to freshness.  The skit is just brilliant.  I was unable to locate a clip for this one, but it is episode 5 of season 18, (with Catherine O’Hara-1992)

8.   Mike Meyers in Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery (the first one) there is an opening sequence where he driving this little steamroller (like a golf cart) he tries a 3 point turn to turn around which turns in to roughly 10 minutes of him going back, then forth, then back then forth.  He then slowly runs over a guard who stands there with his hand out for like 5 minutes pleading for Powers to stop.  It’s so ridiculous.  It always cracks me up.


Carell in fine form

7.   Steve Carell is one of our generation’s best comedians.  He can keep a straight face through anything!  I first noticed him on the periodic news segments he did for Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.  Before Anchorman, 40 year old Virgin and The Office, there was Bruce Almighty.  This starred Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston but Carell played the nemesis to Bruce (Carrey) competing for top news anchor.   The scene where Bruce realizes he has the power to seriously harm Evan’s (Carell’s) chance at top choice for anchor leaves us with one of my all time favorite scenes.

6.   The Office; hands down, one of THE best comedies EVER!  The theme song was my ringtone.  There are so many hilarious moments in the 7 years it ran.  It’s hard to pinpoint just one moment so I’ll list 3 of my top episodes.

A.  Michael burns his foot (oddly) on a George Foreman Grill because he enjoys waking up to the smell of fresh cooking bacon.  I just recently realized that one of my funny girl idols, Mindy Kaling, wrote this episode.

B. The episode where Michael hits Meredith with his car; the look on Meredith’s face when she rolls over that windshield kills me.  This face also occasionally pops in my head.


You can take a lesson from Dwight. Just not sure yet what it is lol

C.  Dwight Schrute whacks a bat with a pan in a garbage bag over Meredith’s head.  This scene made me roar laughing.  I think Rainn Wilson’s portrayal of Dwight Schrute is one the most memorable characters in the history of comedy television; he was just brilliant.  For a glimpse of some of the best Office moments:

5.   Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live; whenever Walken makes an appearance on SNL, I am overjoyed with delight.  He really has the best sardonic straight man bit.  My favorite sketch is the Census board sketch also starring SNL alum, Tim Meadows.  Meadows attempts to ask standard Census questions,

Meadows:  “How many people live here?”

Walken:  “Oh, about 80.”

Meadows:  “80 people are living here?”

Walken:  Yeah, my wife, we have some plants and a few chocolate bars.”

Meadows:  “Do you work?”

Walken:  “Yeah but only part of the time.”

Meadows:  “So you work part time?”

Walken:  “No I work just part of the day, like from 9-5.”

Meadows:  “So you work full time?”

Walken:  “No there are large portions of the day, like at night when I’m sleeping when I am not working”

You get the idea, the exchange is priceless and this remains one of my all time favorite SNL sketches.  View the sketch here if you’d like:

4.   Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite shows.  My favorite character is Ron Swanson.  Ron Swanson is a man’s man.  He drinks hard, eats only meat and can make anything with his hands.  He likes to portray himself as a strong man of few words.  Somewhere between season 4 and 5, the show opens with a normal daily meeting.  Ron (played by comedic actor Nick Offerman) proceeds to pull out one of his own teeth in the presence of his co workers.  This scene had me roaring laughing and to this day, it often replays in my head.  Here is the scene:


Dave Chappelle as Prince

3.   Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories– Chappelle’s Show.  I cannot mention my favorite comedy moments without mentioning the brilliant Chappelle’s Show.  It was short lived but some of the skits will live forever in the minds of us loyal fans.  He touched a lot of nerves and was constantly pushing the envelope.  Some of my favorite moments starred Charlie Murphy (older brother of Eddie) as recounted some of his best Hollywood memories.  This is a tossup between “Prince Serves Pancakes” and “Rick James”.  EVERYONE remembers the Rick James sketch but I thought Chappelle’s portrayal of Prince was hysterically funny if not accurate.  For your enjoyment, I present- “Prince VS. Charlie Murphy”.

2.   Will Ferrell in Anchorman.  Anything Ferrell does is pretty much hilarious to me.  He truly has a gift for over acting and physical comedy.  My favorite scene is when his dog is brutally kicked over a cliff by bad ass biker (played by Jack Black) to which point Ferrell begins the most exaggerated scene of grief and upset.  He really plays it, complete with a phone call to his colleague (Paul Rudd) where he attempts to tell him (Rudd) that he can’t go on tonight as he is “Trapped in a glass case of emotion”.  Classic.


The “Mad Real World”- Chappelle’s Show.  I am a huge fan of Chappelle so number 1 was saved especially for this, from the parody skit based MTV’s “Real World” only in Chappelle’s version, and the house contains one very white guy amidst a house of “Real” black people.  This sketch is by far, one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life.  The treatment of poor Chad, even taking his long time girlfriend Katie (because she has big Tit-AYS) causes some hysterical situations that will literally leave you gasping for air

This concludes my Top 10 Favorite Moments in Comedy.  I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed a few laughs at the same time.  Thanks for reading.

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Laugh Loudly,



Christopher Walken/Fever

Dave Chappelle/Prince

Dwight Schrute/Humility,,138505,00.html

Steve Carell/Bruce Almighty


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