The Conspiracy Theorist…

 ImageMany of my friends refer to me as a “Conspiracy Theorist” which I kind of resent. The term Conspiracy Theorist brings to mind images of a nut job sitting in a tiny apartment, walls covered in newspaper clippings while wearing a tinfoil hat. That is not the case. I am not allowed to pin clippings on the walls as per my wife.

I prefer to think of myself as a “truth seeker” rather then the latter demeaning term with it’s hidden undertones of contempt and ridicule. I research things in depth from multiple origins and when I read corroborating evidence from numerous reliable sources, I then use my brain to reach a conclusion.

Many times, these “theories” end up being true and thanks to things like Government declassification and the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) more people are waking up. Things like secret government factions, secret weapons, false flag attacks and atrocities committed on unknowing citizens are a reality in this world, not fiction. The very fact that most military operations occur on a “Need to Know” basis coupled with an extremely compartmentalized government should make one realize that things happen behind closed doors in the name of power, greed and wealth.

I personally feel that:

JFK was the last true president of the US- he stood up to secret societies, classified actions within the government and we all know what happened there. I never believed in the Lee Harvey Oswald myth and always felt this was an inside job.

911 was an inside job. Those 3 buildings (including building 7 which was never even hit) fell at free fall speed. NO BUILDINGS IN HISTORY EVER collapsed from fire. The evidence is there to support the theory that the government knew about it but because it furthered their own war agenda, they allowed it to happen. There is A TON of evidence out there to support this.

The Moon Landing was a hoax. I don’t think we made it to the moon in 1969. I think we did later but we have to remember, at that time, there was a huge space race between the United States and Russia, a pissing contest that literally would end up on the moon. The astronauts from that mission were NOT permitted to discuss the landing. The biggest accomplishment in human history and Neil Armstrong has never spoken about it in a public forum. I can only wonder why?

The Illuminati are real and so is devil worship. If you google “Illuminati” you’ll be greeted by a wealth of reading material, documentaries and YouTube videos. I strongly urge you to even watch a couple. This all ties in to the sacred bloodlines, secret government and subtle mind reprogramming. This is entity that is secretly trying to win the world at any cost.

Big Brother exists. Everywhere you go now, you are met with CCTV, hidden cameras, unwanted tracking devices in your technology, and spyware that tracks your search habits and tries to find personal information. It’s been proven, mainly by whistle blowers, that in many parts if the world, we are under surveillance at all times. Is this freedom? Where you can’t do an internet search, order a book, give in to curiosities, travel, send a text or email without the government knowing about it? Ask yourself the next time you want something, “how much of your personal data are you putting out there?”

A little bit of time spent researching the way many of us (truth seekers) do, I bet more people would reach the same conclusions as I have.

Do you take everything in mainstream media you hear at face value or do you do your own research?

Live Humbly, Be Inquisitive, Be Discerning,


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