What Draws Us to Zombie Fiction?


What is it that draws us to Zombie fiction? Is it the fear of a viral outbreak that lingers in the backs of our minds? Is it the raw carnage in which zombies are known to attack? Is it the violence and gore?
For me, it’s the very real possibility that at any given moment, our world could go to hell erupting in a storm of violence and bloodshed. It’s the fear of what COULD happen.

I see horror films the way one might approach a mammoth roller coaster. Sure it’s daunting and scary but there’s something that intrigues you about it, so you get in line for your turn. People who ride roller coasters (I’m not actually one of them) say that the bigger and scarier a roller coaster ride is, the better and more memorable it will be. Horror films are like that. They scare the hell out of you, they make you face fears that you’d rather not talk about and they make you think about your own mortality. When I walk away from a horror film shaken, ultimately making me sleep with a nightlight, I feel the director, cast, writers and special effects people have done their jobs.
When I take my dog out for her final pee in the evening and I find myself holding out my keys like a weapon, then running back to unlock the main door with a fervor rivaling the gunslingers of the old west, I know a film has made an impact on me.

ImageIn the eighth grade I watched, Return of the Living Dead (1985- it came out 3 years prior). I was lured in by the punk scene aspect of the film. (I was big in to the skateboarding scene and I listened to the Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys like there was no other music). This film literally scared the shit out of me. This movie was a little different because it’s supposed to be “true”, as it opens with a sequence in a Medical Supply facility, the character; “Uncle Frank” shows his nephew that the military had dropped off sealed containers, containing some of the corpses from previous military experiments, explaining that the “Living Dead” movies were based on actual truth!!  One of the containers ends up cracking and from there, you can only imagine (if you haven’t seen it).  There was so much violence and gore. It was awful and phenomenal all at the same time.
We finished watching at around 11pm. It was a summer night and I was over at my best friend’s house which meant, I had to walk home. Sure, it was only next door, but it felt like it was miles as I crept quietly through the hedges to get to my yard, the neighbors had a bug zapper in their backyard and as it caught the night’s insects, it would let out this loud, God awful SNAP! Well, that went off that night and I literally sprang in one shot from the hedges to my back step (roughly 15 feet away) I practically ran through the glass doors on our back deck to seek solace and safety in the comfort of my locked home.

I guess I like being scared. So long as it’s only in my mind and I’m not ACTUALLY faced with a life and death situation because I might just go catatonic for that. My wife says I’m horrible in emergency situations. One of our fish bowls fell off the wall one night and as I watched my poor fish Nhym flop around on the floor all I could do was stand there and scream his name, because, you know, fish really respond to that. My wife was the one who promptly picked him up throwing him in to a nearby glass of water, but that’s neither here nor there. I’d like to think that should a zombie apocalypse ever happen that I’d be out there swinging baseball bats with the best of them.

ImageI have been immersing myself in zombies for a while now. I’ve re watched and reviewed Dawn of the Dead (1978) and I watched Deadgirl (2008) over the weekend and I plan to write a review of that as well. I have pages of notes to work from. I’m also in book 7 of the Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo. While I’m finishing that up, I have collected about 260 MORE zombie novels thanks to the internet, friends and my trusty Kobo e reader. I plan on delving in to the works of Joe McKinney as soon as I’m done with Tufo’s series, which saddens me as I type this. I’ve become very involved with and fond of the Talbot family over the past 2 years, I have some of his other books as well which I’m anxious to read. Image
I plan on writing more about some of my favorite “Zombie Moments” so please stay tuned and subscribe. Remember, June 18th is coming up and that day, I am hosting one very talented zombie author.
If you have any zombie films or books that you think I should know about, please include in the comments section. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Live Humbly, Live Horror, Love Zombies,



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9 Responses to What Draws Us to Zombie Fiction?

  1. Love it! You captured my youth in your words. But for me it was seeing Night of the living dead at six years old. That and Thriller hooked me on everything zombie.

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