Alex Jones for President 2015

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Okay, I admit I’m not American; I am indeed a Canuck hailing from the east. However as an outsider, I have many opinions about the American Government and Military practices. It seems each day there is a new battle in the US, whether it be a fledgling economy, civil unrest, Police bullying citizens, or the majority of the nation’s wealth held by 1% of the populace, leaving people in the cold; people in need of financial and even basic medical assistance.

In the midst of all this turmoil, we have but a few heroes who stand up for the common man, who publicly say what many of us do not have the courage to, and who defend the constitution and the value of freedom. Alex Jones is one of those souls.

It is commonly misunderstood that both the US and Canada enjoy an inordinate amount of so called “freedom“, but this is not the case. We have a media controlled by some of the most wealthy inner circle select, (just trace back to where your preferred news source originates- guaranteed it is owned by some wealthy media mogul that has direct ties with the world’s powerful elite) complete with its own set of spin doctors that present to the world in essence, what the government wants people you to believe. This is not a new concept really; it’s been going on for years in the Communist countries. Is this where we as a global society is heading, Global communism?

Jones, 40, is an ex lineman for Anderson High School in Austin Texas. He read a book as a teenager called “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen and this made a huge impact on him personally, forging a path for the well spoken, often controversial man we know today. He began his career on public access television with a live call in show before switching to a new station 1996. It was around this time he met Ron Paul for the first time and because they share so many of the same views, this began a long time source, and possibly friend for Jones. It seems he respects Paul tremendously. That’s the thing with Jones, he ALWAYS offers respect where it’s due.

He was one of the first people who publicly spoke out about The Oklahoma city bombing, believing there was more to the truth than what we were told. He then released the first of many documentaries to come in 1998 “America Destroyed by Design”. He also voiced publicly that he felt the people of Waco Texas were unjustly killed. He (and he’s not alone) feels that David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were actually peaceful people that the government felt threatened by. You can’t have a growing group of people living peacefully off the grid without relying on government for any of their basic needs; that may set an example to others that wish to adopt that style of life. He even helped to build a new church for them in memory of those who died.

In 2008, I watched his film, “Dark Secrets Behind the Bohemian Grove” (2000), where Jones sneaks in to Bohemian Grove, an all male club containing actors, musicians, and some of the world’s most powerful leaders in politics and industry located deep in the California Redwoods. Upon infiltrating the group, he managed to learn that there are some eerie worship practices happening there involving a 40 foot owl, hooded cloaks and a mock human sacrifice. It made me think and I began to seek out more of his films. I watched over a dozen I’m sure. I shared them with friends and it really opened my eyes to what is taking place in the world behind the scenes and I thank him for that.

ImageIn 2010 I tuned in to his radio show on GCN for the first time and I was hooked. He spoke of truth, he had reliable sources, he made valid points, and he got angry. It was so different than what’s on networks like CNN, which fluffs everything up in a pretty little package with diagrams and fancy technology to keep you distracted from the real issues that truly matter and impact us on a global scale.

Jones constantly puts himself out there for the public; he’s been arrested, detained, criticized and basically ripped to shreds by mainstream media for his outspoken antiestablishmentarianism, but he still keeps going. I admire Jones; I have no qualms with saying that. He’s intelligent; he cares about his country and the people in it, and his only agenda, being that of building a better world for his children. We should all be so bold, informed and involved, and THIS is what makes a good leader. How I would love to see Jones’ name on the ballot for president someday, even though the true string pullers in the background would never allow it, it sure would make for some excellent public debates with the leading officials.

What do I care, I’m in Canada you ask? Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is yet a lowly minion to the more powerful US. We in Canada, basically do whatever the American President asks us to. With things like the “North American Union” on the horizon, policies will be more reflective of one another than ever before as they try to streamline practices across the border. I strongly feel what happens in the US will also happen here.

Jones broadcasts six days a week through the Genesis Communication Network (GCN) and can be sound streaming on over 90 stations across the States alone. There are probably a dozen or so Canadian networks that broadcast. I subscribe to the TuneIn Radio app for iPhone and Android. Look up The Alex Jones Show. You can also keep up to date with the latest news at where you read the latest news stories, watch video clips and listen live. I also recommend you check out the many Alex Jones’ documentaries available in full on YouTube, films like;

America Destroyed By Design (1998)
America Wake Up or Waco (2000)
Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove (2000)
911 the Road to Tyranny (2002)

Police States I, II, & III (1999, 2000, 2003)
Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State (2005)
TerrorStorm: A History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism (2006)
Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007)
The Obama Deception (2009)
Police State IV: The Rise of FEMA (2010)

This list should get you started on Waking Up. I hope you find him as enlightening and inspiring as I do. If you’re already a long time listener then, I’d like extend a sincere “Hello friend!”

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Stay Informed,


A Pensive Alex (photo)
Alex at the mic (photo


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  1. Hi Sparky, I’ve never heard of him, although I should have. Thanks for featuring this here. I too am a seeker of the truth my friend.

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