We Seek Your Dead


After the fall of mankind in to a pit of hell
The only thing in the air is the lingering smell
Smell of rotted flesh and decaying meat
Body parts scattered across every street
The town’s on fire, the streets in flames
The only people walking are those who maim
Wandering aimlessly looking for flesh
Be it from man or beast, so long as it’s fresh
Ripping open rib cages, revealing the entrails
Eating bloody everything, including the bowels

There are those who seek justice and fight for man
The dead rising and feasting on us was never the plan
They come with weapons, trucks and gunshots to the head
Making a difference, helping others and rounding up the dead
They call them biters, speeders, walkers and diseased
We refer to them ourselves as bloodthirsty Zombies
The bodies pile up as we light them afire
Situation critical, and ever so dire

The dead keep coming in their expressionless way   Image
Smelling of farts and rotten body decay
Some have missing limbs, in the stages of putrification
Like some kind of fucked up Hell- based vacation
Everywhere you turn is carnage and gory bloodshed
The human race hangs precariously by a bloody thread
The dead are mad, fast and voracious in appetite
Driving mankind in to a dubious and uncertain plight
They tear in to flesh with a hunger so severe
The origin of this disease is remarkably unclear

Blood runs down melted rotten faces
One’s near me, eying me at about 20 paces
I meet its glance with a mournful deafening cry
Knowing if I don’t do this right, I will surely die
I run toward it blade striking the skull
I have to ram it extra hard as my blade is dull
I break open the cranium like a ripe melon
It still fights me and I so wish I had a gun
Sinking its teeth deep in to my forearm
Striking away my knife, I am now disarmed
I kick and pound at it with tired fists
It whips around knocks me down, breaking both my wrists
As it starts to feed upon my flesh and bone
I now know my body is done, I have been owned
The last fleeting thoughts flicker through my brain
My survival and endurance were all in vain.

ImageLive Humbly, Stay Alive, Stay Safe,




Shooting at zombies http://deadfrontier.wikia.com/wiki/File:Against_Zombies.jpg
Zombies in a circle http://86gramos.blogspot.ca/2010/09/zombies-vistos-por-un-geek.html
Black and White drawing www.artofneff.deviantart.com



About SparkyLeeGeek

I'm a cheesy broad with a good sense of humor. I'm also a self professed geek, dog lover, Whovian and music snob. I have earned money by painting, I've worked in call centers, with dogs and in the fitness industry. I also write for Bubblews http://www.bubblews.com/account/165359-sparkylee74 and I have 2 separate blogs on Blogger: "My Whovian Take" a blog dedicated to Doctor Who and "Life in Fog Goggles" a blog dedicated to daily life and living with Fibromyalgia and CFIDS. I will be featured in an upcoming Anthology for HorrorAddicts.net titled "The Horror Addict's Guide to Life" My interests range from Doctor Who, dogs, and Science Fiction to Zombies, Humor and Astronomy. Creativity is my passion.
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