Summer of Zombie 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON: Stephen Kozeniewski

The Darkness Goes 'Round

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What is your latest zombie release?


Quick description of it (no spoilers)

A crew of smugglers in the South Pacific must battle pirates, cannibals, and three of the slimiest villains in history in their quest to save the last survivors of the zombocalypse.

Something unique about it.


Mmmm…does the barb wire zombie cannibal sex murder count?  If not, there’s also a zombie puppet.

Links for people to purchase it.

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Your short Bio.
Kozeniewski photo

Stephen Kozeniewski lives with his wife and two cats in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the modern zombie.  During his time as a Field Artillery officer, he served for three years in Oklahoma and one in Iraq, where due to what he assumes was a clerical error, he was awarded the Bronze Star.  He is also…

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I'm a cheesy broad with a good sense of humor. I'm also a self professed geek, dog lover, Whovian and music snob. I have earned money by painting, I've worked in call centers, with dogs and in the fitness industry. I also write for Bubblews and I have 2 separate blogs on Blogger: "My Whovian Take" a blog dedicated to Doctor Who and "Life in Fog Goggles" a blog dedicated to daily life and living with Fibromyalgia and CFIDS. I will be featured in an upcoming Anthology for titled "The Horror Addict's Guide to Life" My interests range from Doctor Who, dogs, and Science Fiction to Zombies, Humor and Astronomy. Creativity is my passion.
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