Things I Learned This Week

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So today I’m recovering from the evil that is the flu. For 4 long days I felt like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. I actually thought at one point I thought I was seriously dehydrating and my wife, after a tedious day at work would find my evaporated body still in the bed where she left me. I would look like one of those mummies on the History Channel after they’ve unwrapped it. Just peanut butter brittle dry. Image

It turns out upon nursing your spouse back to health after their sudden burst (pardon the pun) of flu it is inevitable that you too shall be taken victim to the scourge that is this infirmity. No matter how many vitamin Cs and fish oils I consumed, I got it anyway. I am finally able to eat again but I attempted a large sandwich earlier that I sadly grew to regret only an hour later..

In conjunction with getting the flu, we are getting ready to move so the dreaded packing has begun. I learned a few things this week during my ordeals.

Tylenol is important. I hate taking pills and I have a truly evil digestive system and let’s just say Tylenol does not agree with me so I am very reluctant to take it. At one point, when my dog came in the bedroom dressed in a tuxedo and top hat with a glass of orange juice on a silver platter, which was much appreciated as I was very thirsty and my other dog came to my side and gently played this most magnificent harp, I decided it was time for a couple of Tylenol, I am happy to say it helped, but now my dog won’t serve me anything; kind of a catch 22.

Image    The original Star Trek series is my favorite. There will never be another captain as smooth, suave and fearless as James Tiberius Kirk. This is a go to when ever I find myself really sick for some reason. I love the old cheese, the bad props, the less than remarkable effects, the over dramatic flair that Shatner brings to everything he does and the familiarity of the old Hollywood back lot studios. Also, being the freak that I am, I find the closing theme really comforting, like a lullaby to a crying baby comforting. Anyway, Star Trek… *le sigh

I stockpile electronics. I have come across every cell phone I have owned since 2003. I kept my old iPhone, for the games naturally, but I also have my old Blackberry, the little LG flip phone I really started texting on (oh the memories), and a really old Samsung that has an antenna that you pull out. Why do I keep these? I just honestly feel weird about, just tossing them. We shared some good moments together; a shame really…

Okay, so I’m going to throw out all my old cell phones. I mean why keep those right? Do you? What do you do with them?

I have drank far too much wine over the past 2 years. I discovered my stockpile of cleaned out wine bottles that I had intended on saving to refill cheaply at the liquor store. I then drank so much wine that winter that I grew sick of wine, and now I no longer drink it. I was faced with about 30 empty bottles today and a serious question to ask myself. LOL no I don’t know what I was saving them for, a zombie apocalypse perhaps. You know, to make those homemade bombs with the alcohol and the torn up sheet stuffed in the top?… Okay, I read and watch too many zombie films/books. It could happen though, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.

I also learned that doing too much the first relatively normal day you have is not always a good idea. After the cleaning, laundry and packing today I found myself exhausted and feeling nauseous. Damn that sandwich.


Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Long & Prosper,



Me and my dogs on the couch (mine)

Mummified Corpse

Captain Kirk


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