Animals are NOT Commodities

My Babies

My Babies

The photo above is of my beloved mini dachshunds, Lucy and Riley. I view them as one of the biggest blessings in my life next to my wife, family and friends. I would do anything for them. I’ve spent sleepless nights when my girl was sick and sooky, I’ve eaten junk at times in order for them to have the good quality food they need. I’ve stayed home endlessly to keep them company as they keep me company.

Before these babies came in to my life, I had cats. My oldest guy, a ginger sweetie named Jack died in 2004 and that literally broke my heart. We were together for 10 years of belly rubs, hugs, and snuggles. My cats and I had moved to Newfoundland and Alberta then back to Nova Scotia together. The thought of re homing them never occurred to me because after all, they were my best friends and they were my responsibility. I never thought I would ever recover from the loss of my Jackie, I did though, as I had another boy, an adorable black and white medium haired, named Bailey. After my grief period I focused on him.

My Beloved Jackie

My Beloved Jackie circa 1999

Together we experienced, the loss of our friend Jack, multiple moves, multiple boyfriends, the loss of work and then illness when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. When my last relationship ended- amicably, I ended up giving up Bailey because he was NOT doing well with the move and break up. I started noticing clumps of hair around my small apartment and his food bowls were going untouched. I had to make an awfully painful decision to let Bailey go where I knew he’d be happy and thrive or keep him and watch him get sicker, he was already 10 at this point. So I parted with him, and he lived another few years with the help and love of my ex. I thank him for that.

The point I am trying to make here, is that pets come in to our life, give us unconditional love, put up with our mood swings and failed relationships; I CANNOT understand how people can treat animals with so little respect and compassion.

This morning when I woke, I reached for my phone as I always do to check messages and of course, Facebook. The first thing I noticed was that someone was trying to re home their cat of 7 years because their fiancée was allergic. Seriously? You’d let go of your buddy of 7 years, not knowing what could happen to him because your woman gets the sniffles or probably doesn’t want a dirty litter box in her home?

I am allergic to cats. I knew for years and had it confirmed with an allergy test. I did NOT part with my cats. I loved them far too much to just give them away and hope for the best.
When I moved around the country, I had 2 duffel bags and 2 cats in tow everywhere I went. I knew they’d want to be with me no matter where I was and again, I could NOT give them up, they were my buddies and they counted on me. We made it work.

I took antihistamines for years, after all, it wasn’t my cats’ fault I was allergic, so why would I make them suffer?

I just don’t understand how people can think so little of the animals that provide them comfort and love. I’m tired of seeing ads for people looking for new homes for their pets because of stupid shit that they COULD work with but simply choose not to.
Animals are capable of an unconditional love that most people aren’t. How can have so little respect? Do you even HAVE a heart?
If you’re thinking about getting a pet, remember that this is at least a 10-20 year commitment and if you’re not capable of that, then maybe a pet isn’t for you. Get yourself a plant instead.
I will take care of my babies for as long as they grace me with their presence. They give me so much happiness and joy; it only seems fair to return it.


My Baby, Bailey

Another thing I discovered today was that one of the dog rescue groups I supported and even volunteered a little time and food for is not as golden as I thought they were.

My friend, the same friend that introduced me to this Pit Bull rescue group, shared a Kijiji (local buy and sell website) ad today that clearly shows this woman selling rescue puppies for $350 apiece.
Now, you may be thinking, “perhaps she is trying to earn money for the care of the many dogs she takes in”, yes I initially thought that too, until I was informed that she has pretty much stopped taking in dogs that NEED help and has been focusing instead on selling puppies that are given to her. I also heard that she hasn’t always done right by some of these dogs in need, even resorting to putting down hard to home or hard to train dogs. !!

I am beside myself with anger. How you call yourself a rescue when you are simply another puppy pusher is beyond me.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the individuals that selflessly give up their time and money to help an animal in need, and I thought she was one of these people. It turns out, she’s just out to make a buck now, and THAT I will NOT support. I will NOT be promoting her rescue anymore and I feel stupid for the nice write up I published a year ago about this particular rescue operation.

Animals have souls, they are not items to be sold and made a profit off of, if that’s the case, then call yourself a breeder, NOT a rescue group. There aren’t enough people out there fighting for these poor mistreated and misplaced animals and I will no longer support what you do.

So disappointing.

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Love Your Pets,

My Precious Lucy, My First Dog Ever!

My Precious Lucy, My First Dog Ever!


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