10 Eerie Mysteries

Mystery ghosts

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the bizarre and unexplained.  As a child I had to rely on books that I got at the library or through the mail.  When I was fourteen, my neighbor had all the brand new Time Life Books that explored the Mysteries of the Unknown, like UFO phenomenon, psychic powers, ghosts and spontaneous human combustion; I borrowed each book one by one until I had completed the series.  Now, thanks to the internet, I am free to explore any topic I want at length until I feel satiated.  Over the past year I have researched some fascinating cases, here are ten of my favorites in order, saving the best for last.

10 The Mysterious Sound Heard All Over the World

Mysterious Sounds Since 2011, people all over the world have been reporting a deep hum or buzzing sound and no one really knows the source.  It has been heard and reported in Canada, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. There are some hot spots in England, New Mexico, North America, Australia, Scotland; and Canada. The real source of the sound still remains a mystery.  I have heard this eerie sound late at night/early morning and the sound ranges from a low buzz to a higher pitch squeal seemingly coming from either the atmosphere or deep inside the earth.  There are a few theories out there as to what the sound could be.  Possible suspects include exposure to electrical power lines, gas lines, fracking, industrial equipment, electromagnetic radiation, it’s even been said that this is the  End Times complete with its own Apocalyptic soundtrack; buildings under construction can also result in humming or squealing sounds as winds rush through incomplete building structures.  The sound can often start and then dissipate later.  About 2% of people have heard this hum and it has been described as one of the most annoying sounds in the world.  There are many videos and recordings of this mysterious hum. Have you heard it?  And if so, what do you think it is?


9 Unknown Creatures Caught on Camera



With the availability of cameras and video these days, it’s becoming easier to capture the bizarre on camera.  For years the internet has been a blaze with videos and photos of mysterious creatures; some say they are aliens, some believe they are the result of government experiments with genetics and hybridization.  Some even believe this phenomenon to be supernatural in origin referring to the creatures as Gollums, Chimeras or even Jinns which are basically a cross between genies and demons.  The creatures range in appearance from tall and upright, glowing, hairless, walking upright or crawling, flying humanoid, to contorted and seemingly backward walking humanoid.  There is no definitive answer for these sighting which have occurred all over the world making this mystery incredibly intriguing.  We can now pour over literally thousands of images and videos capturing bizarre creatures and let our nightmares begin.  Check out some of the footage below.

8 The Dark/Deep Web

the Deep Web

The Deep or Dark web entails approximately 90% of internet content when we as daily surfers only reach about 10% of what’s out there.  Using a TOR browser will allow you to browse the dark web.  Here you can purchase drugs of any variety, buy guns, hire a Hitman, pay to watch children, men, women or animals tortured or browse an unending array of databases.  People have reported logging on and joining rooms out of curiosity only to leave with permanent emotional scarring, some have died, some have been stalked or tracked or hacked.  It’s here where the depraved of the world gather to exchange ideas, perversions and crime for bitcoins, the preferred method of purchase on the Deep Web.  The mystery lies within the fact that the users are all anonymous, it’s difficult to track down users because the browsing technology of TOR allows access through multiple proxy IP addresses making one virtually untraceable. There are many stories surrounding the Deep Web floating around out there including kidnapping and child sex trafficking rings, live broadcast murders and torture, sex fetishes and some say government secrets; because of the anonymity, people in countries with strict internet protocols like China or North Korea Explore have access to sharing and receiving sensitive information.  Explore, if you dare.

7 Black Eyed Children


(Also referred to as BEK or Black Eyed Kids) I stumbled upon on this gem on my favorite internet radio show, Coast to Coast Am.  These are children who just randomly appear at your door late at night trying to gain access to your home using excuses like needing to use your phone, bathroom or simply screaming outside until someone comes to their aid.  Reports of these demon, vampire, werewolf, alien beings have been surfacing the net since the 90s when a reporter from Texas named Brian Bethel told his story through a series of writings and later on appeared on a television reality series called “Monsters and Mysteries in America”, and reports of sightings all over the world began pouring in making the phenomenon that much creepier.  Would you answer the door to a kid with a monotone voice and pure black eyes?  Would you let it use your phone or sully your bathroom?  If you would, well then you are braver than me.  If you would like to learn more check out the books by David Weatherly who not only appears on a number of radio shows regularly but has written books on Black Eyed Children as well as Tulpas and “Strange Intruders”.

6 Exorcism in Indiana of LaToya Ammons

LaToya Ammons

This incident took place in January of 2014 in Gary Indiana.  After moving in to a rental home, a mother, LaToya Ammons, her mother and her three children began experiencing things like creaking doors, mysterious footsteps and shadowy figures.  It only took four months to escalate to the point where her daughter began levitating, the grandmother witnessed this and the girl had no memory of it after.  Ammons and her mother began reaching out for help from clairvoyants to their church.  The church suggested anointing the children with olive oil as a means of blessing and protection while clairvoyants found more than 200 demons at the residence.  They also tried “smudging” the home which is a native practice to burn sage to purify a home of evil spirits.

Ammons learned her 7 year old son was talking to “ghosts” and had even flung himself out a window requiring another child to get stitches.  The kids told health care workers about some of things they were experiencing, like feeling like they were being choked in the home.  This resulted in home visit by CPS (Child Protective Services) where they would be rigorously tested and questioned.  At first it was believed the mother, LaToya was suffering from mental illness and abusing the children.  During one visit one of the boys had spoken in tongues and attempted to strangle his brother to death, once released the older boy began attacking his grandmother, she tried to pray with him but he walked up the wall and landed on his feet.  A registered nurse was there at the time and corroborated this event.  The police were called in for help.

Even the Catholic Church got involved and it has to be serious for them to even consider exorcism.  Not only is it a grueling process but it requires specially trained priests to perform the rituals and requires permission from the Bishop of the Arch Diocese, conducting interviews and visiting the home they witnessed lights flickering, footprints appearing in the living room and swinging blinds in the kitchen.  Ammons, her children and mother went to live elsewhere temporarily.

Upon an inspection with the help of the Gary Police Dept, these officers are now believers in the paranormal having watching their brand new batteries die and picking up some eerie recordings on the police audio recorder.  Pictures were taken and developed revealing dark shadows and what appeared to be a woman.  The Police Officers say they will never set foot in the house again.  The family has since been reunited, been exorcised several times over and have been cleared of any mental disorders; they now reside elsewhere and no further activity has been reported in the home.

5 La Pascualita

La Pascualita

Also known as the “Corpse Bride of Mexico” was something I came across on a late night YouTube surf.  She is a Bridal mannequin that has remained in a shop window in Chihuahua Mexico for the last 75 years.  The eerie thing about this mannequin is that she looks oddly human, right down to the wrinkles in her hands.  The details in her face are remarkably human and simply did not exist anywhere else in the world at the time in the manufacturing of mannequins.  The legend is that the bride was the original shop owner’s daughter who had died the day of her wedding and due to the nature of her untimely death, father so consumed with grief immortalized her forever as a mannequin.  Over the years she has remained in the window being changed behind locked doors.  Her hair has lightened to almost a soft gray and the mannequin has showed signs of aging.  Could this be a real woman underneath the layers of plastic to preserve her forever?  Look it up and decide for yourself.

4 Thoughtforms/Tulpas and the Olivia Mabel Case

Olivia Mabel

In 1994 police in Texas responded to a couple of 911 calls to a home owned by a woman named Olivia Mabel.  When police arrived at the house they found a horror scene straight out of a movie.  It seemed as though the house had been abandoned for several years due to the dust and smell in the air.  Upon entering Mabel’s son’s bedroom (who had died several years prior) they found a deceased Olivia in a rocking chair, clutching a stick figure doll made in the image of her son sitting in front of what appeared to be an altar dedicated to him.  It was determined she had been dead for months.  So who made the call?  One officer who had experience with the occult immediately recognized the writings, which turned out to be Sanskrit, the isolation of the woman and the dark presence she felt while in the home to be that of a Tulpa or Thoughtform.  Tibetan Buddhists believed that through mental focus, discipline and concentration one can create an entity separate from one’s self that can physically manifest.  The mother, so desperate focused all her grief in to an Entity that possibly caused her demise.  There was a note found at the scene that stated “My Aiden, I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry. I should have never let it get like this. I’m leaving. I will not let you keep me you ViLE, Evil CREATURE. Mommy’s coming for you, Aiden, my sweet Aiden. Mommy loves you.”  The note was dated the same day that the officers arrived on the scene even though Olivia had passed away months before.


Visit www.oliviamabel.com for more information.

OliviaMabel Case

3 The Taman Shud Case

The Somerton Man

Its 6:30 am December 1st, 1948 when passerbies witness what appeared to be a man passed out on the beach in Somerton close to Adelaide Australia.  Upon closer inspection the man who had been dressed neatly in a suit was dead and had been in the same spot for quite some time according to locals, most people assuming he was drunk and sleeping it off as he lay propped up and slouched against a sea wall on the beach.  He had no identification on him aside from a tiny piece of paper left inside his pants pocket ripped from a book reading only “tamam shud” which is a phrase from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyáma a Persian book of poetry and the phrase translates roughly to “finished” or “ended”.  The athletic 40-45 year old man became known simply as “the Somerton Man”.

Six weeks in to the investigation a suitcase was found in a cloak room at a local train station believed to belong to the man, it was estimated it had been dropped off about 11 hours prior to his death.  The items inside the suitcase were just as mysterious as the man himself, again no identification was found.   The case contained several items such as pyjamas, a checkered dressing gown, slippers, underpants, shaving items, pants with sand in the cuffs, an electrician’s screwdriver, stenciling brush, a cut down table knife, sharpened scissors, thread that seemed to be used to mend a pair of pants also found in the case.  It was later determined that this thread wasn’t from Australia and with some train records, it was assumed that the man arrived in Australia either from Melbourne, Sydney or Port Augusta.  Some of the drafting tools found in the suitcase were similar to those used on merchant ships for stenciling Cargo.  There were some dry cleaning tags as well with “T Keane” “Keane” and just “Kean” written on them although detectives were not able to locate anyone with that name.  The original book that the phrase “Tamam Shud” was found and submitted to police about six months later, on the back it contained a series of letters resembling a code and two telephone numbers, one of which belonged to a local nurse who claimed not to know the man but grew visibly upset upon seeing photos of the man leading police to believe she knew more than what she was letting on.  Despite a number of people attempting to crack the “code” this has still not proven to provide any additional information regarding the man’s identity or manner of death.  This still remains one of Australia’s most publicised mysteries gaining worldwide recognition. Some people believe he was poisoned, that it was government related due to the height of the cold war at the time, maybe he was a spy, or perhaps he was murdered by a scorned lover.  No one really knows and the hunt for his identity and cause of death is still ongoing today.

Taman Shud


2 The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam

February 19 2013, caretakers at a historical Hotel in Los Angeles investigated what guests reported as a weird smell/taste to the hotel water when the body of 21 year old Canadian Student Elisa Lam was found.  She was fished out of the water storage tanks of the Cecil Hotel (now called “Stay on Main”) in downtown Los Angeles.  A few days prior to her discovery, she had been reported missing, police released video footage of Lam in the elevator; her behavior was erratic. The footage was roughly a four minute video clip taken from the hotel’s elevator.  In the video, she stayed close to the elevator and appeared to be hesitant, almost hiding from someone (thing).  At one point she leaves the elevator standing just outside using hand gestures, as though talking to someone, but no one else appears on camera.  After which she gets back in to the elevator pushes all the buttons before exiting the elevator for good.

The medical examiner deemed her death an accidental drowning and it also appeared she suffered with a Bi polar disorder upon interviewing friends and family.  The only drugs showing up on a toxic screen were clinical doses (or less than) of prescription medication, and there was no alcohol in her system.  The mysterious part of this is the water tank she was found in.  It was not easily accessible, she would have had to access the hotel’s rooftop which required a passcode and keys, climb a fire escape, a ladder and then lift a very heavy lid to the water tank, climb in and then close it again. The unlikelihood of such events have led people to question whether her death was really an accident, foul play or something paranormal lurking in the hotel.

1 The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Dyatlov Pass

This case consumed me for a few months.  I read all I could find online, watched every video including the film Devil’s Pass which is loosely based on the case.  I even read a couple of books about it.  How could nine experienced young and healthy hikers all succumb to death within mere hours of one another with no definitive answer to how they died?  It’s February 2nd 1959 in the Ural Mountains bordering Siberia, when 9 hikers, students of the nearby Ural Polytechnical Institute are in the midst of a winter hike through the mountains in order to earn merits for school.  Before they reach their destination they pitch camp for the night and within hours end up slashing through their tent and dying what seemed to be brutal deaths.  Most of them were undressed or shoe-less which made no sense for experienced hikers.  Many bore fractures to skulls, ribs, legs, and one girl had her tongue torn out, forensics would later to determine she was alive at the time.

Dyatlov Pass Incident.jpgIt took months to recover all the bodies which were reported to have graying hair and an orange tint to any remaining skin.  The investigation reported that the students met with an “unknown compelling force” but no other explanation was ever given.  Some theorize that it could have been an avalanche although, there’s not much evidence to support that, some think it could have been military related such as weapons testing which was reported around the Ural Mountains close to that time during the cold war, or it could have been what the aboriginals believe to be a Yeti.   It’s one of those cases you can really sink your teeth in to but you’ll have to draw your own conclusions as no one will ever know for sure what happened that night.

Listen to the Coast to Coast am broadcast about the incident

Dyatlov Pass Group

I highly recommend the books Dead Mountain by Donnie Eichar and Mountain of the Dead by Keith McClosky, they were both compelling reads and can be found on Amazon.com.

I hope I have intrigued you enough to look further in to these bizarre mysteries for yourself.  Thanks for reading

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously,




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