Sarcastic Broad loves to entertain..

I’m a 38 yr old self professed geek who loves dogs, music books and documentaries who enjoys the humor of everyday life. I live in Halifax Nova Scotia with my wonderfully supportive wife & our 2 mini dachshunds, Lucy and Riley. I’m also a painter specializing in pet portraits.  My first word ever was, “why?” I curse a lot. I laugh loudly. I am blatantly honest. I have a phobia of Styrofoam and processed cheese foods. I believe in a sense of community and an overall responsibility to one another to be kind, compassionate & understanding, encouraging, and also to share a laugh with. My goal is to simply make people chuckle and help brush away the shit that could be your day. Humor is like a fantastical hearty stew for the soul…



4 Responses to Sarcastic Broad loves to entertain..

  1. palomino72 says:

    Great description of yourself, I love it … I too have a disdain a la phobia of processed cheese foods ~ they’re so wrong !

  2. Your dogs are adorable. Me and my girlfriend want one but still being students we can’t afford to feed ourselves, never mind a pet! One day though…well, I’m moving in with some new flat mates and they have a dog. It’s my plan to make him love me more…mine forever!

    • Lol that’s how it started for me! My buddy had 2 pitties and I just fell in love! plus it was really practice and research 😉 Good luck to you and I will give my dogs a squeeze for you 🙂 Cheers!

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