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My Love Affair with the Timey Wimey

I was four years old when I met my first Doctor on the CBC here in Canada; my mother who was big in to Science Fiction and anything of the bizarre had it on one or twice; that would have … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Season 8~ “Listen” (spoilers)

Question — “Why do we talk out loud even when we know we’re alone?” Conjecture — because we know we’re not. ~ The Doctor The latest episode of BBC ‘s Doctor Who opens with a Doctor who is seemingly going … Continue reading

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What Happened to TV?

The trash that’s on TV now is laughable at best.  Whatever happened to well written, well acted meaningful TV, and by meaningful, I mean it serves a purpose, either bearing a great lesson or moral or provides inspiration to one’s … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Learned from Doctor Who

     I really started watching the series when it began again in 2005.  I became quickly enamored with the show.  The witty banters, the quick humor, the physical comedy, brilliantly imaginative story lines and great characters sucked me like a … Continue reading

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BossyPants ~ Tina Fey: A Book Review By Sparky

I recently had the pleasure of reading Bossypants by the brilliantly witty Tina Fey.  If you’re looking for a quick and entertaining read about the life of one of today’s most influential comics/writers filled with funny anecdotes and stories of … Continue reading

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For the Love of the Cobbles…

An Ode to What I believe to be the World’s Best TV Show. When I first thought about dedicating a blog to my favorite TV show, I had no idea, how long it would end up being. I guess that’s … Continue reading

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A Word From Our Sponsor

Another nail biting episode brought to you by the letters “F” and “U” and also by the number “9”. But first a quick word from our sponsors, “LoCare” When you’re just not sure what the f**k is wrong with you. … Continue reading

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