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Merriam-Webster defines shame as follows: : A feeling of guilt, regret or sadness that you have done something wrong or improper. : Ability to feel guilt, regret or embarrassment. It just dawned on me that I have been living a … Continue reading

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Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Sumiko Saulson

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Sumiko Saulson has written several horror novels and has been featured on the horror addicts podcast before. For Horror Addicts Guide To Life  she wrote an article called The Addicts Guide To Cats. In it Sumiko…

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Holding on to Hope

  The past few months I have felt like Alice tumbling recklessly down the rabbit hole in Wonderland desperately trying to grasp a root to keep myself from hitting rock bottom. My (now Ex) wife surprised me with applying for divorce … Continue reading

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Nosferatu: The Vampyre 1979

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NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE. 1979. DIRECTED BY WERNER HERZOG AND STARRING KLAUS KINSKI, ISABELLE ADJANI AND BRUNO GANZ. by Sandra Harris This film doesn’t have a silent psychopath in a mask stalking half-dressed women and unsuspecting…

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SUMMER OF ZOMBIE 2014: The 10 Word Challenge

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The Reluctant Writer…

This originally appeared on my blog at Bubblews   I’ve avoided writing the last few days. I felt like I had nothing of value to say. Do you ever feel like that? You avoid writing like the plague because … Continue reading

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For the Love of Books ~ part 2

Hugh   Hugh met Virginia right after coming home from the end of the Second World War; it was a wonderfully vibrant time.  The boys were home, the Nazis would be defeated, and it was only a matter of time … Continue reading

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January Ramblings by a Mad Woman

Well, it’s still winter I am annoyed to say.  I have spent most of my winter hibernating in my condo hidden deep beneath blankets and quilts reading books, praying feebly for spring and for more Doctor Who.  I’ve spent most … Continue reading

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Slaughtering the Lambs

 Upon waking up today and checking my Twitter feed, I came across the news of the day.  28 people shot and killed in a Newtown CT elementary school, twenty of which children.  Sadly, this wasn’t an isolated instance of violence … Continue reading

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The Knight Writer…

; My wife often asks me why it is that I so often stay up all night reading, writing or painting. I think to other artists out there, the answer is obvious. I was however, intrigued on writing a little … Continue reading

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