Who’s Sparky?

You have just stumbled upon my Page.  Who is Sparky?  Well, she’s almost 40 but still passes for 30’s.  She’s from Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada to be exact.  She is moderately tall with an average build who claims she does yoga regularly but does spends more time watching You Tube clips and surfing Facebook.  She eats fairly healthy and believes in nutritional healing and not so much in prescription medicine.  She paints on the side and has sold dozens of paintings.  She also writes for another Blog.  A collective Blog called The Golden Vanguard.  It contains a variety of topics all meant to provoke thought, hoping that it reaches today’s youth or anyone willing to listen.  They are here: www.thegoldenvanguard.ca Please follow them.  I have also recently begun a ‘dog blog’ titled. “The Canine Companion”- also on WordPress.  Please follow me here: http://thecaninecompanion.wordpress.com/

Enough of this third person crap.  I am opinionated, witty, sarcastic and will talk about my dogs as frequent and often as possible.  I am a huge music snob and will crap on your Nickelback loving ass should we meet in public.  I’m sorry Nickelback but that’s just the way it is.  you can cut your hair, but you’re still that awful, generic sounding band I left behind in 2001.  I am an avid reader, my favorites range zombie and vampire fiction to non fiction books about the New World Order or afterlife.  I consider myself a “Conspiracy Realist” as the evidence is right there.  It’s RIGHT THERE! I have a deeply troubling intolerance to stupidity and for those who insist on pointing out the blatantly obvious.  I also have a keen fashion sense, not that I follow it necessarily, but it’s there underneath my AC DC t shirt and doggy pajamas.  I am also married to a woman.  If you’re homophobic or don’t believe in gay marriage, I urge you to keep surfing as I will not tolerate ignorant comments on my blog.  I do however welcome any happy and/or encouraging stories you’d like to share or any causes you’d like me to participate in.  I am openly gay and have no shame about that.  I’m in a loving committed relationship to a lovely woman whom I adore and together we have to adorable mini dachshunds, Lucy and Riley.  See, I told you I talk about them often.

I also speak openly about politics and the injustices that plague our world today.  I’m concerned about the same things you are.  Our economy, jobs, quality of life, health care, real health care, and the importance of maintaining sovereignty and independence as a nation.

Lastly, I have what’s called Fibromyalgia and arthritis to the point where I can no longer maintain outside employment, so here I am on my laptop, pounding out my dreams one key stroke at a time, hoping for an audience, hoping for some fans, but most importantly, hoping my articles can either make you chuckle or make you think about something you may not have considered before.

Thanks for stopping by- hope we meet frequently..

Live Humbly, Be Charitable, Live Graciously


Sparky Lee


20 Responses to Who’s Sparky?

  1. Smash says:

    I read your post on The Golden Vanguard about The Human Centipede. That post lead me to this blog, which is awesome because I really dig your writing. I also love meeting fellow Canucks online. I’m looking forward to many more awesome posts! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. food4thesoul93 says:

    Hey, Sparky! I love the description above. And it’s a beautiful picture of yourself on this page too. Thanks for the visit at my place, and following my blog. Skip.

  3. Solothefirst says:

    Hi, I nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty award, because your blog is so inspiring!

  4. Hey Sparkyleegeek, thanks for the award nomination and so sorry for the delayed response. I’ve put up a mention of you and your sight on http://urbanmysticblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/my-liebster-blog-award-nomination/
    Take care, and blessings!

  5. bag'0'smokes says:

    what is the connection between lesbianism and doggies?

  6. bag'0'smokes says:

    yeah..that totally makes sense.
    what about the single guy with the orange male cat?

  7. bag'0'smokes says:

    i like your art work btw. very cool

  8. Lisa says:

    Thank you for following my blog. I appreciate it. I look forward to looking around your site more.

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